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Its time to really wake up now, to the sovereign being that we all are.

This will be my greatest post, as for those that are open and watch this video (video mentions canada a lot, but law/corporations/goverments are all over the world and apply to all). We are above the law if we decide … Continue reading

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Remember Who You Are.

Additional insight into yourself:

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Hidden Records – Closing in on our Origins If you haven’t seen Wayne Herschels website, I would recommend giving it a good read. Heck read all of it, its very important into understanding yourself, me and everyone else here on … Continue reading

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Our Destiny and Evolution to the 4th Dimension

During December 12-21 are days in which we have to stay on/in Earth to receive the energy from the central sun. Once this energy is in our bodies and finishes on the 21st, it will start a process in our … Continue reading

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Ancient Sites, are actually star maps?

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Remember… ~SOL

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Pyramid of the Sun

Enjoy and remember! ~SOL

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