Interesting Dream

Usually I do not dream, or if I do I forget instantly. Many months back I asked not to be influenced by the moon, and told myself not to take in and be influenced by dreams. Anyways about 3 days ago I had an interesting dream that I mostly remember. The first one in a long time for me. Anyways here is what my dream was about:

I was in a city, didn’t look like the one I live in. I was with a friend and we were walking, there was a bunch of “lightning” in the skies but no thunder. While we stood and watched, we realized we were watching a war in our skies between disc shaped craft, and other crafts. Some flew down and crashed far away from us, others blew up in the sky as the fighting intensified. Whats odd is I remember this odd figure like thing in the sky, looked very similar to this image here:

It was flying around, I think it had small wings.. I remember just staring at this thing amazed. This thing flew up to a flying disc and punched it. The disc wobbled and toppled down until it crashed on the ground. While I was watching it, im pretty sure it saw me or watched me.  Shortly after I woke up due to my alarm clock.



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