Its time to really wake up now, to the sovereign being that we all are.

This will be my greatest post, as for those that are open and watch this video (video mentions canada a lot, but law/corporations/goverments are all over the world and apply to all). We are above the law if we decide to be! They cannot do anything without our permission or silent acceptance (like many people I over hear complain about gas prices, but no one does anything to change it. They complain and move on, that is silent acceptance). This is a freewill universe, and nothing there is nothing they can do to us or this planet without our acceptance of it. This is the biggest manipulation done on humanity, the illusion that we need law and its governing bodies (goverments, corporations etc) and the illusion we need to accept it. The gfol never said they want to take governments away, they want to make a new star nation with a new “planetary government”. If these beings are truly on our side, they would remove all goverments and keep it that way.

At 0:54:20 to 0:55:15 very interesting what he says. It breaks down to this:
|     |   <– We choose who or what we place above us, if we decide to.

There is nothing inbetween humans and creator, unless one chooses to believe so. If you believe in a god, diety, angel, archangel, ascended master, st germain, the church, govermemnt or whoever.. you are placing them between you and creator thus giving away your permission, acceptance and freewill to these so called beings or gods. If you read channeled messages, they often say that we accepted or we came here knowing and accepting what is going to happen before we incarnated here.. did we really? They said they visit us at night, with their med teams to tweak us for their “ascension chambers”.. We can’t give away or take back our will if we are a sleep… Do you remember giving away your acceptance to them before coming here?

Hu – Ancient egyptian word for God, see and for reference.

In the Sanskrit, Hu means to invoke. See here:

and here:

The word God, in its origin and history acording to is
“O.E. god “supreme being, deity,” from P.Gmc. *guthan (cf. Du. god, Ger. Gott, O.N. guð, Goth. guþ), from PIE *ghut- “that which is invoked” (cf. Skt. huta- “invoked,” an epithet of Indra), from root *gheu(e)- “to call, invoke.”

So invoke, god and Hu are one in the same.

Man – In Sanskrit it means think or thought;

So Hu-Man litteraly means God-Mind or God-Thought.

What does freewill mean? The Encyclopedia Britannica says the following:

in humans, the power or capacity to choose among alternatives or to act in certain situations independently of natural, social, or divine restraints. Free will is denied by those who espouse any of various forms of determinism. Arguments for free will are based on the subjective experience of freedom, on sentiments of guilt, on revealed religion, and on the universal supposition of responsibility for personal actions that underlies the concepts of law, reward, punishment, and incentive. In theology, the existence of free will must be reconciled with God’s omniscience and goodness (in allowing man to choose badly), and with divine grace, which allegedly is necessary for any meritorious act. A prominent feature of modern Existentialism is the concept of a radical, perpetual, and frequently agonizing freedom of choice. Jean-Paul Sartre, for example, speaks of the individual “condemned to be free” even though his situation may be wholly determined. ”

This is a big part from the above: Free will is denied by those who espouse any of various forms of determinism.

Espouse: Verb 1. to make one’s own; adopt or embrace, as a cause.
Synonyms 1. support, champion, advocate.

Determinism: Noun 1. the doctrine that all facts and events exemplify natural laws.
2. the doctrine that all events, including human choices and decisions, have sufficient causes.

Time to acknowledge yourself as a free, sovereign individual human being. Time to say no to them, you always have a choice no matter how they word things to make you think differently. Be strong, be hu-man (God-Mind).


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