My Take: Sheldan Nidle January 29, 2013

Here is my view from Sheldan Nidles January 29, 2013 post. See his original post here. As always, Italic is the original message and Bold is my view on it.

Sheldan Nidle – January 29, 2013

Dratzo! We return! Your world is being held in a sacred limbo, awaiting the magic touch that only Heaven can provide. Heaven decreed a short delay in order to afford humanity an integration period into these very new energies. Long ago, when the Anunnaki wished to rule over you, a special agreement was put forth which stipulated that the period of dark rule would only be allowed for around 13 millennia. This time has come and is well and truly gone. The collapse of the many timelines into one was the final verification for the dark’s earthly minions that the moment for transformation has arrived. Now there is a brief transition during which the dark’s soldiers are to surrender and let the new epoch commence. The dark, as ever, has arrogantly refused this offer and so, under Heaven’s strict command, we have removed a number of these recalcitrants and placed them under the supervision of a group of Agarthan and Federation personnel. This group now has a considerable number of these individuals in safekeeping, and these numbers will no doubt continue to grow until this issue is fully resolved.

This sounds like they are twisting things here, first they mention how the annunaki are dark and they want them to surrender. Thing is, that the dark is also against the dark. Such as in this case, the gfol/agarthans are opposed to the annunaki. So of course they sound like the liberators or saviours of us.

As noted above, the matter is now at a kind of sacred standstill. Our forces are at the ready to support the legal de jure change in governance and we have also obtained a number of agreements which are to be implemented once the sacred signal is given. In this regard both the legal and the military divisions of the various governments-to-be-changed assure us that they are ready to affect a transfer of power upon receipt of the formal signal.

The usa and others have all signed a treaty to the gfol, and once they land they will of course hand things over to them as per the agreement long ago written. Question is, what is the signal? Is the signal part of operation blue beam/holograms? Or something else?

We have graciously asked our heavenly mentors to reassure us that the time schedule originally given to us is indeed still the one in operation; in response, those who are to give the signal have repeatedly informed us that this schedule is indeed the one that we will be executing. Our many liaison teams are in place and prepared to see that all goes according to plan when the sacred moment arrives. On that front we have undertaken a series of formal exercises to ensure that this situation is resolved as quickly as possible. Of course the dark continues to be closely monitored, as it is known for pulling a real doozy of a delaying tactic at the last moment!

From this, the secret societies in league with the gfol/ywhw all have a time when they will pull their last card. This can be a wordly event, and we have to be very sharp with our senses and intuition. Whatever will be broadcasted from them, we have to analize it like I do to these channeled messages. And ask if it resonates with yourself. Funny how they mention the dark to delay things, is this the annunaki or Andromedans?

Our secret sacred allies are also ready to move when called upon and we are monitoring your world to see that nothing other than the ordinary round of world affairs takes place. The dark and its minions are scurrying around your globe looking for ways to steal funds from anywhere they can, and while these sorties have proved to be mostly unsuccessful, a bit of collateral has been acquired. This confirms to us that these rascals have no intention of ever abiding by any agreement made between us, and that our liaison personnel need to be very careful when dealing with these unrelenting ones. We are truly relieved to think that this will be the last time for such discouraging exchanges! Once the green light is given, we are prepared with a series of strategies to ensure that the initial phases of our operation proceed swiftly and surely. When the first phase is complete, the new governance, the new monies, and the new prosperity will be firmly and securely in place, and then all that is needed is to make it all permanent.

So they will stop at nothing to obtain a one world currency, one world government and to make it permanent. The only way they can make it permanent, is truly up to humanity. Will you bite the hand that feeds or bow down to it until its too late?

Part 2 will be continued until tomorrow.

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