Today has arrived at last and I want to warn everyone about false flag events or happenings. I’m not sure what the draco and their supporters will do, but just prepare for anything. Even prepare yourself mentally as they may “broadcast” voices to everyone or the GFOL will use their telepathy (im basing this on the recent “channelings” from the GFOL supporters). Yes they can broadcast voices to anyone, check these links out for yoruself:



Today is the galactic alignment, I have heard the time is 11:11am or 12:12pm universal time. Either way its today and will happen shortly. Feel these energies with love to yourself and everyone you know.


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4 Responses to 12/21/12

  1. Towels says:

    I was in a very crazy state during this time.

  2. Towels says:

    I noticed while driving a bit before and after this,

    the white striped lines had a very visible and massive aura coming up off them.

    I remember thinking it was really odd but then my brain told me “that’s how they always are”

  3. SOL says:

    Interesting, are you sure it was your brain or did you feel this information from within come forth?

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