Our Destiny and Evolution to the 4th Dimension

During December 12-21 are days in which we have to stay on/in Earth to receive the energy from the central sun. Once this energy is in our bodies and finishes on the 21st, it will start a process in our bodies.  Our DNA as well as our dormant DNA will start to mutate (the energy to activate and start the process for our new bodies). This process will mutate/evolve/ascend us as humans, but it will not happen right away like a flick of a switch. Once the energy is within us, it will take about 2-3 years for us to fully evolve.

Three new Earths will also be born as well as three new paths (4 paths total). I will explain these Paths in better detail in a upcoming post but here are the four paths one can have:
1. Positive Path (Service to Others, will ascend to Postive 4 Dimension)
2. Negative Path (Service to Self, will ascend to Negative 4 Dimension)
3. Luke Warm (Inbetween both, will reincarnate into 3rd Dimension again until next Great Harvest)
4. Enter a Stargate/Wormhole (like playing the lottery, depends on the energy within you. You may go to Positive 4D or Negative 4D, or get crushed from the gate as your energy can’t handle the stargates energy)

During this time, we will start to hear vibrating noises or other unexplainable sounds. The sky will have strange anomalies, you may see odd color colums in the sky and flashing lights.. Also the sky will appear more open/void. No need to panic or worry. This is Earth getting ready as you are getting ready along with her. Also stargates/wormholes will open up. These are everywhere, so small and minute we cannot perceive them. However with this incoming energy from the central sun they will get larger and eventually some will be so big you and everyone else will see them and can enter them (risky). Also expect 3 days of darkness that will happen any time from now, till December 21. You can stock up on some foods that don’t require heat to make and water. Its only 3 days so you don’t need a whole lot. Again do not be afraid, or panic. Just be there for your family, friends and loved ones.

Also be aware of false flag operations, since we getting so close to December 21 the Illuminati/Draco’s will play their last card. There are so many possibilities they can try on us, like Project Blue Beam appearing to be good guys destroying our buildings or even used to mask the bad guys as the good guys! Also Earth can be used as a hostage and its people that decide to go with the GFOL and their ships. Or a fake “planet wide evactuation plan” during December 12-21 so we can’t receive the central sun energy. The list can go and on, and whatever they try to do one really has to dig in deep and listen to their heart for the absolute truth. You have heard it many times, to look within for the answers. This December is exactly that, look within for your true path. Be well my brothers and sisters,


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