Channeled Messages

I just want to clear something up about channeled messages. I do not, and never will “channel”. The previous post I made was me commenting on Sheldan Nidles channeled message. There are many things we need to consider about these channeled messages, such as:

  • Source; where and who is sending these messages?
  • Information; Is it all true, or only what they want us to hear?
  • The people that use chanelling, are they aware of whats going or just relaying what they channel?

I have read many messages and channeled messages from various sources, they all have the theme of “soon” yet no evidence of anything. They say there is no more bases left of the illuminati etc etc, but way still no first contact and why is everything the same still? Lately these messages are almost negative, and suggesting we need to complete our soul contract (that we don’t remember or varify) and need to go inside earth or fly to another blue planet… If anyone does read these messages, please try to read in between the lines and decide yourself if they ring true to you within.


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