Urgent: Warning for Sheldan Nidle’s December 4th Message!

I’m not going to post the entire message Sheldan gave on December 4th, but I want to point out a few major things that I would like everyone here to re-read slowly and question. In bold Italic is the message from Sheldan:

“All that is happening around and above you is setting the stage for our formal arrival on your shores. This global mass-landing watershed event marks the beginning of your preparation for migrating to the crystal cities of Inner Earth, where your ascension to full consciousness will be completed. Full consciousness allows you to live in divine right relationship with your home world and to travel to the other water-worlds of your solar system to set up global societies within them. Prior to your incarnation here, your life contract included the option for you to take up residence on one of these water-worlds, or to remain on Gaia and create an Earth-based galactic society with the Agarthans.”

Read this again my friends, slowly! They want to migrate us into inner Earth or go off world… Why? Long time ago, Atlantis got bombarded and any Reptilian that survived went underground and into inner Earth. They need humans as a shield, or other words for ransom. If we went inside inner Earth our true allies will have a harder time removing the parasitic reptilians. Also if we go off world anytime now until December 21, 2012 our bodies will not get all the Galactic Suns energy to finish the mutation/evolution in our DNA. They can also bring us to the moon or keep us on any special ship so the good guys will not fire as Humans are on board. We need to remain ON Earth, and be strong and not let anyone (especially GFOL) to hinder our true destiny.

“Once you have taken up Federation membership, as did the Agarthans long ago, you will be in a position to begin carrying out the directives conferred on you by Heaven. These directives enable you to formally cement the agreements expressed in the Treaty of Anchara. The former ‘children of Anchara’ are to receive Light Bodies and with them, ascend to full consciousness.”

Anchara! I can’t believe they let a bit truth out, but will those that read these chanelled messages be aware of Anchara? Anchara Alliance are the bad guys like I have always said and have been using their new name “Galactic Federation of Light” to manipulate and trick humanity into believing them and accept them. We hold the keys in all of this, with our acceptance (or silent acceptance) of the GFOL/Anchara we will lose. Also look what else they say, “former children of Anchara”. We are not their children/creation! We are much more than that, much more than they could ever be! Please my sisters and brothers reading this, please be very careful and trust your inner heart. Also look at the wording, “These directives enable you to formally cement the agreements expressed in the Treaty of Anchara.” Worded in such a way that we have to accept them.. Even though it is our Free Will do reject them as well.

“Our gracious associates are in the final stage of processing those agreements which will bring you your new governance and your worldwide prosperity. They work in concert with their Agarthan counterparts who are also focused on the best way to manifest these first requisites.”

So a new government to replace the old ones… Didn’t the older channels speak of ridding the Earth of all governments? But now they want to make new ones to watch over us? They want to create a new Atlantis!

“Your major-player status will be enabled by a new communications technology which will create a constant ‘town hall’ relationship between you and the new government.”

So we will always be hooked up to a net, and monitored by the new government. NWO! Good bye freedom, rights and privacy when we are always in constant relationship with the government.

I love each one of you, please be very careful. Also our DNA connected to GFOL/Anchara, but it does not mean we are their children/creation. We will have a sense of calm when around them, but do not be fooled and trust your inner heart for the truth.


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3 Responses to Urgent: Warning for Sheldan Nidle’s December 4th Message!

  1. Morgean says:

    Excellent information, Thank you. Will comment at Shift Frequency.

  2. Jessica says:

    Where is this message from, and what proof do you have that it has any validity to it. I could sit here and make up a bunch of bullshit, and then say it came from someone else while channeling. I’m calling bullshit! We don’t need another David Wilcock nutjob.

  3. SOL says:

    I think you are confused Jessica, the whole chanelled message can be found at http://www.paoweb.com/sn120412.htm and was chanelled by Sheldon Nidle not me! The bold/italic parts is some of the messages I picked out from him, which I commented on in regular text. Oh and, I do not and will never “channel”. If you see any channeled messages from me (there shouldn’t be any out there), then its fake or im no longer “me”.


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