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Today has arrived at last and I want to warn everyone about false flag events or happenings. I’m not sure what the draco and their supporters will do, but just prepare for anything. Even prepare yourself mentally as they may … Continue reading

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Approaching Time Wave Zero Only two days for “Time Wave Zero”.  Not sure what else to write, I have been feeling good. These last few days, the air feels thin to me. Its hard to explain but thats the best way I … Continue reading

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Our Destiny and Evolution to the 4th Dimension

During December 12-21 are days in which we have to stay on/in Earth to receive the energy from the central sun. Once this energy is in our bodies and finishes on the 21st, it will start a process in our … Continue reading

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Channeled Messages

I just want to clear something up about channeled messages. I do not, and never will “channel”. The previous post I made was me commenting on Sheldan Nidles channeled message. There are many things we need to consider about these … Continue reading

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Urgent: Warning for Sheldan Nidle’s December 4th Message!

I’m not going to post the entire message Sheldan gave on December 4th, but I want to point out a few major things that I would like everyone here to re-read slowly and question. In bold Italic is the message … Continue reading

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Ship Information

^~ Flying Discs are the Greys (real name Vrill) ships and also can be human military. Vrill do not fly anything larger than the disc like ships. ^~ “O” Like ships are Reptilian Destroyers. ^~ “/\” Like ships are also … Continue reading

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Understand yourself and others

You don’t need to have watched this show to understand the meaning. This clip is from a show called Being Erica. Tom the male psychiatrist can go back and forward in time to help his patients, Erica who once was … Continue reading

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