Who to trust and who not to trust?

There are many people out there that use chanelling, others have had experiences like George Kavassilas or Dolores Cannon. Then there is Agrtha or Inner Earth, Ashtar, St Germain and the Galactic Federation of Light. You have bloggers like Cobra, and Former White Hat that also have had their spin on things. Then of course there is me as well.

In all honesty, back in 2008 or so I use to believe in the Galactic Federation of Light and the beings inside inner Earth. I read and researched them all. I believe the Silver Legion, George Kavassilas and G.H.REES to be our true sources of info. The former white hat (notice “white hat”, aka positive Illuminati) contained truths and lies mixed in. About GFOL/Inner Earth, they both cannot be trusted after much research and reading in between the lines of the chanelled messages. If Hitler can go to Tibet and learn with the Monks, and go to the South Pole entrance into inner Earth then no, Argatha is among the evil. Ashtar and St Germain want to create a new world wide religion, a joining of all religions to set up the new religion of the NWO. Nato will be the NWO army of the world.

With all these people, chanelled messages is quite confusing to know who to follow and trust. My only advice is to follow what you believe to be true, follow your heart to follow your true journey. Do not let others dominate your destiny, if you do you will get lost in their lies.

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