The Announcement

@Lerph, maybe this will answer your curiosity?

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6 Responses to The Announcement

  1. Lerph says:

    This is fascinating SOL, I think it ties in with your most recent post on the message you received? How do I find out the source or contact them?’

  2. SOL says:

    Only G.H.REES can. Its not my video and not my message. But it is a message I stand behind and know myself to be true. Unfortunately I believe the GFOL will land first or make first contact before the Andromedans and allies. We have to watch out for misdirection of the truth.


  3. Towels says:

    It’s hard to forsee a moment in history when the people of Earth will know anything to be 100% true.

  4. Towels says:

    What are the G.H.REES?

    I found a blog Hellen and Chaos on google when I typed in G.H.REES

    but the blog was asking for financial support. So I got sketched out

  5. Lerph says:

    Towels that time will come when we leave these bodies in which we reside. My belief is that we have a period on consolidation and connection with the one and then choose our next life path before entering in to another density….

  6. SOL says:

    @ Towles: You are correct about G.H.REES, they do ask for donations but you don’t have to donate. Its there in case anyone has extra income.

    @ Lerph: We won’t leave our bodies, but our bodies will be transformed. I’ll be making a new post about it today at some point in more detail.


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