My brief beliefs

I personally believe all channelers to be false, and are liers. The actual people may not be aware but we should question all channeled information as to where it originates.


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3 Responses to My brief beliefs

  1. 13Harrie says:

    Id love to know your views on Angels as I have read a lot of channeled info re them 🙂 I used to be very into people like Doreen Virtue and other big names that are the front runners on Angels, just lately as ive got more informed about charlatans such as the GFOL and Galactic channelings etc, Ive got a very bad feeling about all these folks that are talking to so called Angels, Id appreciate your opinion on this 🙂 many thanks 🙂

  2. 13Harrie says:

    OK forget that, after watching a load of GK voutubes… i am up to speed 🙂 Peace Love & Unity my friend ❤

  3. SOL says:

    Love to you as well, be safe 🙂

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